Meet Jesse Priest

  • Jesse's History

Jesse Priest was born in Cullman Alabama to father James Priest and mother Kim Priest. At a very young age his parents had him listining to the power of rock and roll and the old soul of countrys greatest artist. Jesse' family have always been supportive of him in all that he does. The first time he sang was in church one sunday morning the song was "Amazing Love", he knew then and there music was going to be a big part of his life. Quote from Jesse (God has given me this talent and i intend to use it, we only have one life and how can you be afraid of falling when God is carrying you)

  • The Musician

Jesse Priest is a singer songwriter from a small one redlight town in Alabama called Holly Pond with a little over 800 residents. With not much to do in his small town Jesse at the age of twelve took to playing music, though his parents thought it was just a passing phase, music came naturally to him. In the past years Jesse has been in and out of bands such as (Taken) and more recently (Southern Stitches) but he is now on his own playing shows all across Alabama. Jesse is an independent artist.

  • His Sound

Jesse brings his unique voice and style to country music, a mix between outlaw country and todays modern country.